The perfect lifestyle hacks

What’s the difference between you and that person you regularly stalk on social media? Or that person you unconsciously always seek validation from? Oh well if you already guessed it right ,you’re on a vibe with me, but if you didn’t I’d let you know it today, it’s their lifestyle. From fellow course mates to celebrities what differentiates the Fan from the Celebrity in the spotlight is simple ‘Lifestyle’.

Oh,  well I’m not promising you that you’ll be as famous as Trump or wizkid, who says you can’t be more famous than them? So what are we waiting for? Hop on my purple train and let’s get this party started, we’ll  jump straight  in to the first hack!

Its all in your head : Have you ever been to the club or let’s say a regular outing , where you just  play cool and collected and Carry yourself in high regard, if you’re a very sensitive person you’ll realise that people want to get to know you more when they see you as ‘c

ool’ , the trick here it that whatever people see you as is what you probably already saw yourself as. 

You need to realise that you’re a boss so see yourself as one, if you wanna be a hot chick you’ll have to achieve that perfectly in your head ,if you wanna be a famous designer or anything you must first overcome the hurdle of personal perception, so do me a favor, 

‘realise that there’s no one better than you in your head ‘ and watch how it works for you in real life expierences.

  1. You need to have an identity : let’s do a small survey in your head, when last did you feel inferior cus you saw someone wearing something? How often do you feel the need to copy an attitude from someone? Well if your answers were what I expected it to be then voila you’re human just like me, but then you need to know this; when you create something you naturally feel confident about it, this confidence doesn’t just go for fun, it actual vibes through your life spheres moulding you positively! The truth is you’ll  never be that hero you wanna be till you sit your ass down and figure who you really are, and trust me the moment you find your identity, you’re on a confidence galore streak.
  2. Use or get Used : well there’s a system in life , I feel most young adults don’t realise ,life is in two ways ; you either use people, or you get used… So what’s the difference Between these two groups of people? Well its simple one group prefers to take a role in their life, while the other prefers to flow with the waves of a natural life, you need to take charge of your life, it’s yours if you dont someone else will and they’ll use you, to make themselves better; sounds unfair aii? So do yourself a favor get your shit together.
  3. Neatness : Have you ever worn the exact same outfit with someone and felt like they wore it better than you? Well I’ll tell you a short story ; as a kid in secondary school we had this stuff called a Housewear, which of course we all wore, but there was an issue I never felt I looked good enough like my seniors, well off course I didn’t, but to cut the long story short I discovered the secret to the big boys and hot Chicks of my school was simple neatness, (oh well I kinda glowed up alil after that time yunno as a badt guy). A neat outfit goes beyond giving you respect , but it also earns you validation (not like you need it, but it means the guys validating you really see you as a big deal).
  4. Chase happiness always! Always!!: a few of us feel, so inferior today because we traded chasing our own happiness for watching others achieve thiers, isn’t that sick. You need to realise that success, a good lifestyle and happiness all work together, you need to chase that happiness, as a matter of 

    fact if thats all you do on this list then it’s fine by me,( Chris browns voice). So do you and your lifestyle a big ass favor, stop obsessing over anyone, you need to be your number 1 obsession, yes you.

I hope you get to practise all these. And see improvements, well off course you should!

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