How to get the best of your phone’s camera.

At the moment, it’s safe to claim that Social media is all about how well you capture moments, in words or graphics. With a growing surge for perfection and creativity it’s no news that a camera is basically one of the most important necessities of the 21st century kid. Unfortunately normal DSLR and other cameras are basically to high priced for the average Social media user; so we stick to mobile phone camera’s which might not be so perfect after all, but still give us what we desire. This tips below will take your phone photography game to the next level, and help you create low budget content if you’re creative enough (sounds interesting) , Let’s dive in.

  1. CLEAN YOUR LENSE : As time goes on, your lenses both the front and back slowly accumulate dust and grainy particles. This ruins picture quality. Get rid of this by cleaning it off with a clean soft cloth to avoid sc-ratching the lense. I recommend babywipes or soft cotton wool.
  2.  UNDERSTAND THE BASICS OF LIGHTING  :   it’s simple physics, when you shine light at an object it automatically reflects back a Brighter image of the object (you). If you’re a very sensitive person you’ll agree with me that your camera takes better pictures in natural light than when you’re in a building. Try to take pictures outside (in natural light), or you could opt for flash lights at home or buy special flash lamp made for phone photography.
  3.  Tweak you camera settings to suite you :  Most cameras come with different modes,most commonly we have the HDR  mode, this mode processes your picture to get max quality by making the best of the dark and light areas of your image. 
  4. Try to use gridlines;this lines help you maintain stability and proper positions for your image capturing. Take pictures in burst mode(this takes multiple pictures in a very short time meaning you get to pick the best of them all).
  5.  LEARN TO FOCUS YOUR LENSE ON YOUR IMAGE PROPERLY: its normal for you to have seen your camera show brighter or darker images when you tap the screen before taking pics. This is called focusing; in mobile phone’s our camera shutters aren’t really stable due to the fact that your hand might shake, or you might expose the shutter to ,too muc
    h light. This Is what produces blurry images . A green circle means focused.
  6. LEARN TO TAKE YOUR TIME:  taking pictures might be exhaustive when you’re at it for a long time, but then the more stable your hand is while you’re taking these pictures ,the better the quality and depth of these pictures are. Don’t just rush the pictures , taking 5 well positioned pictures will be more profitable than taking 50 blurry pictures.
  7.  Shop for add-on pieces for your phone:  Most phones have add on camera pieces that you can actually purchase to take your mobile photography game to the next Level. This include zoom lenses, cover slots, and lots of other add ons that you can purchase to reach DSLR camera quality with your 

    recent mobile device.

  8.   Stop dropping your phone carelessly:  The camera components in your phone are quite (supposedly) small, meaning if your phone isn’t handled well this pieces can actually move out of place in phone and cause your camera system to take low quality pics so don’t just throw your phone on the bed or anything else that’s harder, drop your phone carefully on the face.

Hope you learnt from this post, we sure hope you did. Don’t forget to scroll down and subscribe and share ,thank you!!!


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