you are..

i stood on the balcony once to check on my roses then i saw a white one among all the reds.. i thought you remind me of HER.   as i reminiscence about you i seem to realise how priceless you are to me as the rose stood out with a different colour so did […]

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its a boy-girl thing…

Holding hands walking down, it’s a boy-girl thing’ smiling and blushing at each other, it’s a boy-girl thing. hugs and kisses ,a warmth to the heart, it’s a boy-girl thing, running in the woods and picking flowers, it’s a boy-girl thing. cleaning the lipstick off the edge; it’s a boy-girl thing, smoothening the shirt, and […]

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i choose to

I choose to live by choice not by chance, to be motivated , not manipulated to be useful, not used to create change , not manufacture excuses, to excel purposefully , not compete foolishly I choose self-esteem , obviously not self-pity I choose my inner voice , not the company of an outside party I […]

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(who am) I

who am I, who is I what am I , what is I where am I , where is I we shall find out. I’ve lived through time ,without a watch I’ve seen so much, without a telescope I’ve learnt so much ,without a teacher I’ve lived so long , without a reason. I was […]

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Behind life’s BARS..

“The only limit that we have in our life from achieving all that we desire or aspire for is the limit that life is larger than us, because in true definition we are life itself”. The waves crash unto the cliffs bottom        it seems as though my life has its rock bottom        The […]

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