Redefine your style

Let’s be honest, sometimes you know you copy others a lot, well I’m not saying that’s bad (coughs), but yunno wouldn’t you feel better if you had your style? Yunno that confidence? Oh well welcome back to purple planet, let’s see how we can create or let’s say redefine our style, hop in! SIMPLICITY Sometimes […]

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The perfect lifestyle hacks

What’s the difference between you and that person you regularly stalk on social media? Or that person you unconsciously always seek validation from? Oh well if you already guessed it right ,you’re on a vibe with me, but if you didn’t I’d let you know it today, it’s their lifestyle. From fellow course mates to […]

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Purple shades; dance alike!

Wow ,the song is beautiful but they really need to get used to harnessing audibility with the beat. Nooooo that guy was trash ,he wasn’t even supposed to be in the song??? Was he given a line out Of pity?? The song was cool, they just need to yunno, go back to the drawing board […]

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